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Venice Beach Skate Park located right on the sand in beautiful Venice Beach California. The park is a favorite among skaters and it definitely deserves it. It’s all about location and it doesn’t get any closer to the beach then the Venice Beach Skate Park.

Salome Abeger

Salome working hard at Paradise Beach, Melbourne FL.

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photos by:Jimmi Colon



Snowboarder sensation Ananda Ortanez got the best style in the world. Since snowboarding’s inception as an established winter sport, it has developed various styles, each with its own specialized equipment and technique.

Skateboarding was, at first, tied to the culture of surfing. The image of the skater as a rebellious, nonconforming youth will never fade .

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You Will be Missed Norberto. Tragically we lost a friend, Zonguie family member and pro surfer Norberto Pena. The legendary Norberto “Baker” Pena tragically died from gunshot wounds ,victim of what was presumable a robbery, report several Puerto Rican Media.